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Joey Parlett Last Updated: 12/16/14
Ink and colored pencil drawings
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Ryan A Peltier Last Updated: 10/21/12
My work is a mixture of elements. On the one hand it is a conversation with others working now and getting influences to respond to and on the other it is the traditional practice of just working with the materials.
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Liesl Pfeffer Last Updated: 01/23/15
I create seductive yet visceral experiments in photo-media collage, watercolor painting and yarn- based assemblage which express a playful curiosity about the world we inhabit.
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Nico K Phillips Last Updated: 02/03/11
Abstract dreams built from paint, glitter and found objects.
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Rachel Phillips Last Updated: 12/28/15
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Timothy R Pickerill Last Updated: 03/12/18
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Rachel Pontious Last Updated: 12/02/14
Rachel Pontious makes paintings, drawings, and prints to investigate familial relationships, transgenerational inheritance, and personal mythologies.
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Will Rahilly Last Updated: 06/28/15
Will Rahilly is a multimedia artist who makes installations involving analogue phenomenon, photographs that contain objects without function, and videos dense with color and sound. He is based in New York City.
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Sahana Ramakrishnan Last Updated: 12/07/16
My work is an exploration of a lonely world in which an individual's spiritual and sexual narratives are guided and scrutinized by animal hybrids and mythical beasts.
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Molly Rapp Last Updated: 10/26/14
Sculptural works with paper & metal
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daaPo Reo Last Updated: 02/15/18
daaPo reo, is an author of vivid words and imageries that mirrors his personal orbit and connective experiences, he renders the substance of storytelling through organic statements of video and textile work.
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Douglas William Rieger Last Updated: 05/15/14
Sculpture: Weird beauty and sexy anxiety.
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Carlos Javier Rigau Last Updated: 01/05/17
Everything all the time.
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Elizabeth Riley Last Updated: 08/29/18
My work addresses questions concerning the complex and changing world we inhabit, individually and as a society, and our "mixed reality," living between physical and digital/virtual contexts.
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Rebecca Riley Last Updated: 12/14/14
I manipulate maps to explore geopolitical, socio-economic and environmental relationships between and within countries, cities and waterways.
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Onalee A Rivera Last Updated: 10/06/11
I specialize in painting portraits of individuals and families in both traditional and creative styles. My personal artwork weaves portraits with memories of my past, portraying my perception of family history.
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Andrew C Robinson Last Updated: 07/18/17
Robinson's work includes ceramics, sculpture and works on paper. He is the founder of the Arts + Crafts Research Studio; dedicated to creating independent and collaborative artifacts at the intersection of art, craft and design.
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Samantha Robinson Last Updated: 02/29/16
My work seeks to show a painting's object-hood by exploring the relationship between frame, fabric support, wet media, and the wall, all while working with the traditional concept of what a painting is.
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Aurora Robson Last Updated: 08/03/10
Formally, my work is a study in abstract, complex, organic forms based on my childhood nightmares. I work predominantly with materials found in the waste stream like plastic bottles, junk mail & excess packaging.
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Margaret Roleke Last Updated: 01/16/16
Roleke’s work explores sensationalism, consumerism and the crazy contradictions and relationships that develop when popular culture mixes with war and religion.
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