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Sui Park Last Updated: 12/14/14
My work involves creating 3-dimensional flexible organic forms of a comfortable ambiance that is yet dynamic and possibly mystical or illusionary.
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Allie Olson Last Updated: 03/07/19
Whimsical surprises, interactive experiences and textured artworks inspired by vulnerability and human connection.
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Christina Batch-Lee Last Updated: 12/14/14
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Garret K Dafferner Last Updated: 12/23/14
Assemblage sculpture mixing 3D rapid prototyping, with traditional sculpture techniques and natural/found materials.
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Jessica K Slagle Last Updated: 12/23/14
My work has always been a reflection of my inner world. It is my attempt to convey in a visual language the deeply spiritual and intuitive impressions I experience through meditation.
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Wednesday H Kim Last Updated: 12/27/14
Video and sculpture
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younghoo Lee Last Updated: 10/19/16
Assist artist
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Loren Erdrich Last Updated: 07/25/17
I maneuver pools of pigment and water into recognizable forms from the vantage of a woman.
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Montgomery Perry Smith Last Updated: 01/05/15
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Jeremy Jams Last Updated: 01/20/15
My practice explores the idea of connection through pattern, mail art, furniture, interior spaces, and more.
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Liesl Pfeffer Last Updated: 01/23/15
I create seductive yet visceral experiments in photo-media collage, watercolor painting and yarn- based assemblage which express a playful curiosity about the world we inhabit.
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Joanne Ungar Last Updated: 01/30/15
These wax pieces deal with transformation and consumer excess. The custom method and the materials are important components of these images.
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Dulcina Abreu Last Updated: 01/30/15
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Rachel Grobstein Last Updated: 02/24/19
I create miniature sculptures and constellations of cut, painted paper.
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Brian Lewis Last Updated: 03/05/15
Reliefs, paintings and drawings that playfully distort depth and figure.
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GORDON FEAREY Last Updated: 11/23/15
Painter focused on transparency and narrative of process and influenced by writing, weaving, and theatre improv.
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Sharon Lindenfeld Last Updated: 03/01/15
Large-scale etchings that depict dreamlike landscapes, made from aggressively worked and reworked copper plates.
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Lea Mairet Last Updated: 03/26/15
I am an Illustrator with a true love for independent comics.
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Tiasia OBrien Last Updated: 04/07/15
Surreal Manipulation Photography was a series created in 2008 juxtaposing normal images against the sharp contrast of one's imagination. The result was a group of surreal images, that bring dreams and nightmares to reality.
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Joseph Fucigna Last Updated: 02/13/16
Through experimentation, play and innovation I create sculptures and paintings that are known for their power to transform materials, inventiveness and odd but suggestive subject matter.
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