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tony wells Last Updated: 01/25/19
Most of my collages are made up of several hundred separate pieces of paper with carefully chosen image, color and structural properties.
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Daniel Wiener Last Updated: 08/02/12
I make sculpture reminiscent of scholar rocks on acid.
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Kim Winkler Last Updated: 10/04/14
Each painting is full of new adventures. To discover it, to love it, hate it, to lose and to be constantly on the eternal quest, then this is finally not found. Oh, this wonderful agony between happiness, need and eternal doubt.
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Margaret Withers Last Updated: 12/25/11
My childhood in the rural American South of the 1970's has informed my current work, yielding compostions in which the abstract and concrete intermingle, illuminating the space between upheaval and serenity.
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Aswoon/Susan E Woods Last Updated: 12/03/13
I am a sculptor who has worked in a number of mediums. Recently I have spanned the art and design worlds. Most of what I make is made from upholstery springs and bent poplar plywood, along with steel and other metals.
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Hannah Xenakis Last Updated: 08/28/15
I make playful yet sophisticated impressionistic drawings of the world around me and within me, blending the real with the imaginary to create a unique visual experience.
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Mie Yim Last Updated: 07/13/17
Childhood memories and characters from dreams iterated in abstract forms and colors.
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Charles Yuen Last Updated: 10/07/13
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Jane E Zweibel Last Updated: 12/03/11
My work explores issues of gender and identity through the lens of self-portraiture, narrative, and inventive figuration.
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Displaying: 181 - 189 of 189 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10       Sort by:

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