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Christopher Saunders Last Updated: 04/20/12
My recent landscape paintings are primarily built around the cloud symbol as a depiction of event, and suggest the apocalyptic and contemplative sublime.
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Nick Savides Last Updated: 05/15/14
Inspired by the works of Edward Hopper, the quiet energy within my art captures both a palpable sensation of light and of place.
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Linda Kamille Schmidt Last Updated: 01/11/15
Non-figurative paintings on paper and Mylar with both geometric and organic elements intuitively explore the universe and human instinct.
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Cecilia Schmidt Last Updated: 08/01/16
In my recent work, I construct tableaux specifically for the camera, staging dead birds and flowers that I collect in the urban areas and parks near my home, to create new forms--referencing J. J. Audubon and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
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Liesl Schubel Last Updated: 08/19/17
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Ezra (Izzy) Schultz Last Updated: 10/04/18
Images of the natural world, faraway places, and anything else we might see as a photo-op.
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Ryan Scully Last Updated: 08/03/10
I paint biomorphic shapes and imaginative landscapes. My images play out narratives of my own life as well as larger ideas of nature, society, and the changes we are bringing to our environment.
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Holly Sears Last Updated: 02/02/11
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Jessica Segall Last Updated: 09/14/15
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Rachel Selekman Last Updated: 01/28/19
Rachel Selekman is a sculptor who uses mixed media to explore issues surrounding communication and the complexities of relationships; she also makes works on paper.
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Manju Shandler Last Updated: 12/20/16
I am a mixed media artist who isolates contemporary phenomena and illustrates it using a mythical lens. My plastic tapestries, intimate sculptures and sewn collage create landscapes imbued with elastic meaning.
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Maureen Shea Last Updated: 09/03/17
The basis for my work as a visual artist is observation of the natural world.
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Ben-Zion Shechter Last Updated: 07/05/10
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Leslie Silva Last Updated: 11/20/13
eco artist using material and light from Fort Greene Park
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Sasha Silverstein Last Updated: 04/21/14
sculptural paintings and painterly sculptures...with movement of form, placement of place, "itness".
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Deborah Simon Last Updated: 06/08/18
My work walks the line between taxidermy, sculpture and toy. The pieces explore the tension between the reality of the animal and the toy, the wild and the tame, the beautiful and grotesque.
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Lauren M Smith Last Updated: 10/27/18
Smith utilizes a personalized mark-making language to create drawings focused on the slow yet consistent state of transition within the body, identity, and natural world.
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Sophia Sobers Last Updated: 03/08/19
SOPHIA SOBERS is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in installations and site specific work. She creates soft sculptures and ambient sounds and is interested in investigating the boundaries between science, technology, and nature.
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Anne Spurgeon Last Updated: 02/21/19
Visual artist and art education professional specializing in assemblage and sculpture.
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Chad D Stayrook Last Updated: 04/02/18
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