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Angelik The Artist Last Updated: 07/04/17
The themes of her work revolve around the evolution of the human body through body modification, studies of our universe and her signature three circles.
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Jovanna R Tosello Last Updated: 08/19/17
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Bradly Dever Treadaway Last Updated: 12/19/16
Bradly Dever Treadaway is a Brooklyn/New Orleans based artist and teacher utilizing lens-based image making, video, installation and performance to comment on the breakdown of intergenerational communication. 2017 BRIC Media Arts Fellow
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Jeanne Tremel Last Updated: 08/23/16
I'm an abstract artist, making colorful mid-to-small scale paintings in oil (canvas) and water-media (paper), as well as fiber/mixed-media sculpture wall and floor pieces. I live in Ditmas Park.
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Hui-Ying Tsai Last Updated: 12/01/16
An interdisciplinary artist based in New York. She has been exhibiting internationally over a decade. Her recent art focus is social practice involving community interaction to be part of the emphasis.
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Leslie Tucker Last Updated: 01/25/18
I build visually and contextually elaborate photo-composites printed on a subtly-iridescent chromogenic paper which catches the eye and gives depth to my themes of illumination and human self-reflection.
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Edward Ubiera Last Updated: 03/10/16
Edward Ubiera is a Brooklyn-based artist working in drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making. His practice focuses on illustration and collage that teeters between the figurative, the literal and the abstract.
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Joanne Ungar Last Updated: 01/30/15
These wax pieces deal with transformation and consumer excess. The custom method and the materials are important components of these images.
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Josette Urso Last Updated: 05/31/16
In my drawings, paintings and collages I move back and forth between urban and natural subjects where the contrasts and cross-fertilizations are cumulative, non-linear, free flowing and interpretive.
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Jason Varone Last Updated: 04/16/13
Jason Varone combines video and painting with appropriated news footage and electronic data, removing any distinctions or boundaries between them.
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Elisa M Velazquez Last Updated: 07/03/12
I am an artist who enjoys incorporating fiber materials into my work but I do not consider myself a fiber artist. This is not your grandmothers crochet or embroidery.
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Sergio S Vidal Last Updated: 06/30/16
Collage artist, music maker and Designer.
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Georgia R Wall Last Updated: 01/07/17
Dialoguing with the history of feminist artists who positioned their bodies as sites for production and political intervention, my video, performance, and 2D works aim to highlight the ways in which the body is both seen and felt.
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Po-Yen Wang Last Updated: 07/25/17
Poyen Wang is a media artist whose work mainly incorporates immersive installations with computer-generated imagery in video art, currently based in New York City.
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Frank Webster Last Updated: 04/29/17
Frank Webster is a painter who lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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Derek Weisberg Last Updated: 07/20/13
Figurative sculpture with a naturalistic stylization which emphasizes human emotions and conditions such as longing, dysfunction, vulnerability, compassion, melancholy, and grieving.
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Sarah K Williams Last Updated: 12/05/16
Intricate large-scale sculptures drawing inspiration from theater, dance and opera.
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Audra Wolowiec Last Updated: 08/25/13
Through sculpture, sound, text and performance, Audra Wolowiec’s interdisciplinary work mines themes of communication and modes of exchange.
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Etty Yaniv Last Updated: 07/01/16
My process-based installation work depicts abstracted landscapes which allude to urgent global issues ranging from the fragility of our Eco system to the current refugee crisis.
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Max P Yawney Last Updated: 05/15/14
The project pairs diverse abstract imagery, using a diptych format as paintings, photographs and sculptural installations. The differing nature of the two images functions as subject matter, similar to sound variations in music.
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