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Jasmine L Murrell Last Updated: 07/05/12
My new work has been a great deal of focus on human beings connection to living and nonliving things in our universe. The captured series examines how a technology is used to create identity and mind control.
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Anita Cruz-Eberhard Last Updated: 06/22/13
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Christina Massey Last Updated: 03/27/20
Christina Massey’s work teeters of the edge of both painting and sculpture. Her work indulges the senses with an overload of aesthetic qualities like textures, color, form and pattern.
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Rochelle M shicoff Last Updated: 01/05/17
My work includes studio paintings, public murals, and installations.
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Kelli Miller Last Updated: 06/02/10
Through video, animation, sound, printmaking and installation I explore the residue of the western world’s worship of progress.
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Nancy Manter Last Updated: 11/18/16
Growing up in rural Maine, I have been interested in atmosphere, tides and geological surfaces—both above and below the waterline— and how these conditions relate to weather.
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Gwen Meyerson Last Updated: 05/22/15
City, Urban and Figurative paintings in oils or acrylics.
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Elisa Bertaglia Last Updated: 05/25/15
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Gabriele Grones Last Updated: 05/25/15
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Ramona Candy Last Updated: 05/11/16
Motivational artist, Ramona Candy, infuses her works with color and movement as she choreographs on paper and canvas.
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Earl Black Last Updated: 10/05/12
My artwork documents people, places and everyday events in and around Brooklyn -- street scenes, waterways, gardens, store fronts and interiors. Subjects are immediate and emotionally charged -- childlike but true.
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Beverly Brodsky Last Updated: 12/23/18
My abstract oil paintings concern expressions of the natural world and the elemental forces.
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Meghann J Snow Last Updated: 07/14/10
My work consists of performance, dance, painting, and video. I have always indulged in gestural movement when it is involved with painting or materials.I like to think of my work as a choreographical combination of expression.
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Christine Rath Selhi Last Updated: 09/14/11
I am a pet portraitist by trade. I paint animals for the people who love them.
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John Brekke Last Updated: 06/03/10
In the simplest terms, I am a mark-maker. This making of marks, lines, scratches, letters and strokes is central to my work and leads, only incidentally, to an area that is about light, tone and texture.
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Cheryl L. Parry Last Updated: 07/11/10
I integrate painting, found objects, text, dance and sound to create installations that link my personal history to lesser-known history; I am currently working on a project about maids in the United States as I was a maid as an art student
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Franky Laude Last Updated: 06/06/10
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BIVAS CHAUDHURI Last Updated: 11/17/19
Abstract Paintings
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Hiroyuki Nakamura Last Updated: 01/29/16
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Naomi Elena Ramirez Last Updated: 01/14/16
experimental graphic scores for dance
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